download COM-SUR's use cases. they range from an airport to a zoo (a to z)

1.airports 17.mining
2.agriculture and allied industries 18.occupational safety and health
3.banking sector 19.oil and gas industry
4.chemical and fertilizer industry 20.pharma industry
5.construction sites 21.places of worship
6.dairy industry 22.police, lea, and prisons
7.education (schools and other educational institutions) 23.ports
8.elections 24.power industry
9.food sector 25.railways
10.governance 26.retail sector
11.homeland security 27.supply chain, warehousing, and logistics
12.homes and housing complexes 28.telecommunications
13.hospitals and other medical facilities 29. transport (including cash management)
14.hospitality sector 30.waste and sewage management
15.livestock 31.zoos